Year 7 parent/carer information booklet

Dear Parent/Carer,

This booklet has been designed to provide both you and your child with an overview of the module that your son/daughter is now studying from Monday 24th September to Friday 19th December.  Hopefully, it is informative enough for you to become involved as a family, as your child shares with you their learning and you share experiences you each may have had that fit with this module. This unit ‘Who am I? enables students to learn about themselves and their link with their community. They will take a wider view of issues that shape their lives before focusing on themselves and their family.

The unit will help students to understand more about where they come from, both locally and ethnically, with each individual student given the opportunity to research their personal religious and national heritage. This would be an excellent opportunity for you to spend time together, discussing your family’s background and sharing stories of moments in their lives that have helped to shape who they are now.

We are hoping that students will engage with what makes them special and unique, seeing beyond appearance and friendship groups and thinking about the choices they make, their personal beliefs and moral values as well as gaining practical skills such as map reading which will help them during their time at the academy.

Here is an outline of what your son/daughter will be studying during this unit:

Art – Students will be researching the artist Jim Dine to influence the work they create. They will be learning to draw a self-portrait by using proportion and they will be using this knowledge to create their face in clay.

Design Technology – Students will be designing and making a picture based on their own life. The students will have to reflect on hobbies and past times about themselves. The students will have to draw, render and use woodworking tools to produce an MDF picture frame to a high standard. The frame will be painted and varnished ready for evaluation.

Geography – Students will be exploring their location using maps at a range of scales, from their immediate location within the academy to their global location. Students will explore the human and physical features of maps and offer explanation and description of place.

History – During this unit, students will explore some of the most important and successful monarchs ranging from William I conquering England in 1066 to the time of Henry VIII and the English Reformation. Not only will students decide which monarchs were more important than others, they will also explore some of the historical aspects of life during the Middle Ages; most notably the development of castle design and medieval village life. During the study of one of the most famous monarch’s Henry VIII, they will explore many aspects of life during the Tudor era.

Religious Studies – Students will be provided with an overview of what things are special or sacred within religions. It will introduce students to the major world religions and provide them with a foundation knowledge which they can build upon during the coming and following years.

Below is an outline of some of the Personal Learning & Thinking Skills (PLTS) your child will be developing as s/he. Please take time to familiarise yourself with these so that you can support your child’s acquisition of these skills; they underpin all of our thematic curriculum lessons.