Post-16 Work Experience Placement

Hi, I’m Year 13 student Katie Wells and I want to share with you some of the details of my recent work experience.  To help me with my ambition to become a teacher, I went to Delves Infant School once a week for 7 individual sessions.

During my time on placement, I supported teachers with their reception classes. The average age of the children I helped was 5 and I was involved in a range of activities such as: 25 minute maths, reading, Fred groups (a way of teaching reading) and number lines.

Whilst doing my work experience I gained many useful skills involving communication, listening and improving my own independence.  I demonstrated these skills by varying my language when talking to different children as well as talking to the teachers. This proved particularly important when considering the language the children were using. In one case a child wasn’t able to verbally communicate, so I gained his trust as well as improved our communication through play.

My confidence has grown considerably on this placement as it was an experience that was totally new for me.  I learned how important it is to get to work on time and to adap to new working environments with people I had not previously known. Every day was certainly different and unique!

I chose to arrange my own placement here as I wanted to have a deeper understanding of the differences between age groups. Although this is not necessarily the age group I want to teach, it has proved an invaluable experience that I can take with me and use when I apply for my teacher training course at university later this year.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Delves Infant School and would recommend it to others as a friendly and useful place to go on work experience.