Student Finance England visits Post-16

On Thursday 10th of October, Post-16 students were given an informative presentation by a representative from SFE, Student Finance England.

After the significant controversy and subsequent protests surrounding the raising of tuition fees in 2010, the presentation set out to dispel some of the common myths behind student finance.

Students learned how although they may be paying up to £9,000 a year for their tuition, the loans they take out to pay for their fees only need to be paid once they are earning more than £21,000 a year and that they never actually see the money; 9% from their earnings each month is taken from their earnings in a similar way to tax. Students were also pleased to learn that after 30 years, all the debt is wiped completely.

Students also discovered that they may be entitled to grants of up to £3,000 based upon their household income.

In all, the presentation was a great success, leaving students less concerned about University fees and leaving them more eager to get there.

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