Year 7 Places of Worship Visit

On 1st October all of Year 7 students visited two places of worship as part of the ‘Who am I?’ theme that we are currently doing.

The first place of worship we visited was ‘All Saints’ Church in Bloxwich. The vicar Mark Fisher was very enthusiastic and answered many of our questions. He told us about his role as a vicar and how he offers support to people in the local community. We also learned about some of the artefacts inside the church; the altar, the font, the lectern and the pulpit and how they are used.

People said a lot of compliments about this visit. Jessica Bate said:

“The visit to the church was awesome the vicar was very interesting to listen to”.

We then visited the Mandir Temple in Walsall. Before we entered we had to wash our hands and take our shoes off. Inside the Temple it was very bright and colourful with pictures and artefacts displayed all around. Mr Bhatti told us what some of the artefacts were and why they were decorated in certain colours. As we left the Temple he gave us some fruit.

There were compliments about this trip too. Adil said:

“It was bright, colourful and very interesting”.

Mrs Mills said:

“Visits to both places of worship was very informative. I felt that students understood and respected the many differences between these two religions.  Through the students’ positive attitude to learning and behaviour, they were able to successfully and confidently deliver a presentation about one of the places of worship”.

Written by Usman Khan, Anson BR