Young Ambassadors at WWEA

On Wednesday 10th October 2012 myself (Harmanjit Bassi) and Kyle Hawkins travelled with a group of students from Pool Hayes and Willenhall Academy accompanied by Saul Wallis to the Young Ambassadors 2012 conference. It was held at Aldersley Leisure Village and we arrived at 9:30am for registration. The day was broken down so that we could attend 3 different workshops to better understand our role as Young Ambassadors within West Walsall E-ACT Academy.

Our first workshop was themed ‘role models’ and we learnt about the skills and characteristics needed to become excellent role models and leaders. We looked at the characteristics and skills we already have and what we need to develop to help us become great young leaders.

Our second workshop was all about ‘encouraging young people to eat well & be physically active’. We looked at healthy dieting and the effects of not having a healthy diet, including any health issues that may occur. We looked at how being hydrated/dehydrated influences your performance when doing various sports.  We were also shown what we could do in our academy to raise the awareness of healthy eating. This included: food signs, nutrition tip of the week and linking sport/physical activity and nutrition.

Our third workshop considered our ‘leadership skills’. Closely linked with our first workshop experience of the day, this time we concentrated more on ourselves and loooked at our 8 different leadership skills. We carried out a SWOT analysis to help us tease out how our improving leadership skills can help us in our future life and employment.

We completed the day with a miniature closing ceremony where we gathered a few tips on how to best approach our new role.  Here is a picture we had taken with a torch bearer from the London 2012 Olympics!

This year Kyle and I will be involved in increasing student participation in sports. We continually promote PE and whole academy sport. We will also be available to help any student who may have questions or to take forward any suggestions on how to improve sport at our academy.

We will be attending most sporting events, so make sure you spot us in our Young Ambassadors t-shirts and don’t be afraid to talk to us!!! We would also like to thank Miss Mills, who gave us the opportunity to take the roles of Young Ambassadors and be able to represent the school.

Written by Harmanjit Bassi, Young Ambassador