A-level History Student Conference #1

This week History teacher Mr Jackson and a group of 9 Post-16 students went to an informative A-level Student Conference at the Carrs Lane Centre in Birmingham.

Professor Mary Fulbrook, University College London, gave a carefully researched and detailed discourse on the very challenging question as to whether Nazi policies towards women were reactionary rather than revolutionary; a very challenging lecture indeed!

Dr Frank McDonough, University of Liverpool, delivered anaddress on how and why Hitler was able to achieve a legal revolution between 1933 and 1934; a cautionary tale for democracies everywhere.

The star of the day however was undoubtedly Professor Roger Griffin, Oxford Brookes University, who entertained everyone with lectures on how effective Hitler was as a dictator and how important terror and propaganda were as a means of control in Nazi Germany. Everyone agreed that he pitched his lectures at just the right level and that they could have listened to him all day.

“I found the lectures thoroughly detailed and impressive and they allowed me to get an in-depth insight into the character of Hitler and life for women in Nazi Germany. The lecturers, especially Professor Griffin, raised very useful, thought-provoking points that I will be definitely utilising in the examination in order to achieve the higher grades; his lecture was most enlightening and entertaining. All in all, all three lecturers gave us a masterly insight into a truly fascinating subject and I found the entire experience very valuable.”  Sumbal G

“I felt that the first lecturer was brilliant; the professor pitched the lecture at a level that we could all understand. He gave me an insight into university lecturers. He provided me not only with knowledge on the topic he was lecturing but also gave us some points and some key words on how to get the higher marks in the exams. The lecturer from UCL had a very difficult topic. She pitched the lecture more at an undergraduate level, which made it difficult to understand at times.”  Moin H

“The trip was a great experience as it gave a good insight as to how lectures will be delivered in university and what to expect. As well as broadening my knowledge on the different aspects of Nazi Germany it also helped us to understand Hitler’s character better; the lectures also provided good revision for things we had already studied, and gave tips on what do in exams.”  Aishaafreen C

“I felt that the first lecture was brilliant and that the professor pitched it at a level that we could all understand as well as keeping our attention throughout his lecture. Another reason why I found him very helpful was the way he kept referring what to do in the exam. However as the day went on it was quite hard to concentrate which didn’t help with the last lecturer pitching at a rather high level which made the topic seem a bit boring. Nevertheless I found the day very useful and it gave me a good insight on how we could expect to be taught at university.”  Arif R