Badminton House Wars!

Hi, I’m Year 11 student Sam Smith and as Anson House’s Digital Champion I want to share with you the details of this week’s House Wars!

Known as ‘Run Around’ or ‘Run Around the Court’, here are the badminton themed House Wars general rules of play:

  1. Two houses/teams form a line on either side of the court.
  2. One person serves and then has to run around to the other side and join the back of the line.
  3. The person who it got served to them has to hit it back to the other side, just like in a normal badminton game, and then has to run to the other side and join the back of that line.
  4. This will keep on happening until somebody misses or hits the shuttlecock out of the court boundaries.
  5. Step two to four is repeated until either no one from one team is out or one person from each team is left.
  6. If two people from each team are left in then they will play a normal badminton game, so no running around the court, until one person either misses or hits the shuttlecock out of boundaries.

Game Results

Game 1: Carnegie vs Wyndlow

This game had a few unexpected twists and turns with Carnegie had an early start, but Wyndlow soon caught up and won the game.

Game 2:  Anson vs Hadley

This game was similar to the first game. However, Anson had both the early lead and won the game.

Game 3:  Anson vs Carnegie

The whole of this game was pretty tied up, before Anson came on strong and grabbed the win.

Game 4:  Hadley vs Wyndlow

This game was all over the place with both Hadley and Wyndlow alternating their possession of the lead. But in the end Wyndlow won.

Game 5:  Carnigie VS Hadley

This game was similar to the previous one where it was all over the place, but in the end Carnegie won.

Game 6: Anson VS Wyndlow

If you have been reading this ‘House Wars!’ report closely then you may have realised that this game determined the winner because both houses had won both of their games.  In this game Wyndlow had the early lead, but by the middle of the game both houses had it tied up. At the end Anson seemed to take the lead, but Wyndlow caught upand ended up winning the match and overall House War!

Overall Positions

  • 1st place Wyndlow ~ 3 games won & no losses
  • 2nd place Anson ~ 2 games won & one loss
  • 3rd place Carnegie ~ 1 game won & 2 losses
  • 4th place Hadley ~ 0 games won & 3 games lost

Congratulations to Wyndlow!