Basketball House Wars!

Hello, this is Sam Smith again. In my capacity as Anson House’s Digital Champion I going to share with you the details of this week’s House Wars!

Here are the basketball themed general rules of play:

  1. Each team has a basketball hoop.
  2. The first person from each house team approaches their allotted basketball hoop to prepare.
  3. When the timer starts, each team will attempt to shoot their basketball into the hoop as many times as they can in a minute.
  4. Once the minute is up the next team member has a go.

Game Results

1st place Hadley ~ 78 points

2nd place Carnegie ~ 55 points

3rd place Wyndlow ~ 18 points

4th place Anson ~ 15 points


Well done to Carnegie’s Nicola Kunaka for scoring an amazing 15 hoops!

 Congratulations to Hadley!