Instrumental Tutoring Lessons

We have six visiting instrumental teachers for bass guitar, guitar, brass, violin, drum, woodwind and keyboards. More than sixty pupils at WWEA currently have instrumental tutoring lessons.

“In my guitar lessons this year I have been learning different genres of music, such as ‘Punk Flamenco’. I have based one of my compositions for BTEC music on the Flamenco style. I am also working towards some guitar grades”.  Abby Kilgallon, Year 11

“This year I have had an opportunity to apply the keyboard which I enjoy doing. I like it because we get recorded, learn new things and are shown how to improve ourseleves. Now we are learning a Bruno Mars song. My partner, Farhan, sometimes gets a little confused which is OK because he learns through his mistakes and we have great fun”.  Hamzah Hussain, Year 7

“This year I’ve been receiving bass guitar lessons. I have learnt a range of different pieces. A few weeks ago the bass tutor asked me to play bass for jazz band. On Tuesday 4th December I played in a concert in this band.  Unfortunately my bass broke down so I had to borrow my bass teacher’s instrument. I have also been learning some blues scales”.  Zachary Dutton, Year 11

“This year I was given the opportunity to start having guitar lessons. I have enjoyed playing a new instrument. So far I have learnt to play chords, ‘Sunshine For Your Love’ and strumming exercises. I am hoping to learn new songs on the guitar. I go weekly each Monday”. Hodo Awale, Year 7