Keele University Information Day

On 7th December Mrs Jones, Mr Marshall & Mrs Eaton accompanied 45 of our Year 12 students on ‘an amazing’ Information Day trip to Keele University. Following a campus tour and finance talk, students experienced a number of masterclass lecture sessions that offered a taste of university style learning.

“I found the day at Keele University very interesting because it gave me a good experience of how university life would be. The talk about university costs helped me out and I now feel that I don’t need to worry about costs as I know where I can get help from. Overall it was a very good day.”  Kaenaat Ayub

“My day at Keele University was interesting as I got a very good view on what University life is like from meeting and talking to students who are currently there”.  Jyotika Dawett

“The experience I got from this Keele University day trip was simply amazing. I learnt that it is very good to be an independent learner and that it is important to have a vibrant social life whether you choose to stay on or off campus”.  Sumayyah Akhtar

“This trip has showed me what university life is like and I learnt a lot regarding what goes on day to day in the life of a student. I thoroughly enjoyed it and now realise the level of independent work expected andn required to be successful”.  Ashfaqur Rahman