7th London Trip a Resounding Success

For 2 days in October, 40 students and 4 members of staff went on our annual trip to London primarily to see a West End musical. This is the 7th year of this successful journey to the heart of London’s theatre land. Each year we see a different show and take in a few other attractions. A tour of Wembley Stadium and a tour of the Harry Potter Studios provided much excitement this year. Below are a number of comments from some of the students who came on the trip.

“In October I went to London on a school trip to see the West End musical The Lion King, which was truly stunning.  The singing was amazing and the acting was astonishing.  I loved the hotel that we stayed in and would recommend this trip to everyone that likes a bit of fun.”  Badhar Abbas, Year 7

“The London trip was amazing! It was the first time I went and it was wicked. The tour around Wembley was very good as they showed us everything. We went to watch the Lion King and I would say that it was the best part for me – I enjoyed every minute from start to finish. The second day was great too because the Harry Potter studios were fantastic. If I could I would go again I certainly would”.  Siqlane Khan, Year 9

“The Lion King was fantastic. The detail into all of the performance was faultless. I’d definitely go again”.  Laura Billingham, Year 11

“The trip to London was fantastic! The Lion King was a spectacular show and the Harry Potter Studios was simply captivating”.  Jessica Powell, Year 12

“I really enjoyed the London trip and would recommend people to go and watch the Lion King”.  Lucy Astbury, Year 10

“I enjoyed the Harry Potter Studios because it was really exciting”.  Gwen Holt, Year 10

“I enjoyed the theatre – it was really good”. Callum Reybould, Year 10

“The Wembley tour was cool and The Lion King was amazing.  I loved the Harry Potter studio tour – it was really good.  Lucy Farmer, Year 11

“I thought The Lion King show was great because of the different effects used. It was really entertaining”.  Chelsea Berry, Year 9

“The Lion King was brilliant, the Wembley tour was great and the Harry Potter Studio tour was amazing.  A great trip to go on!  Amy Farmer, Year 7

“On this trip I had a brilliant time. The part I enjoyed the best was The Lion King show. I thought it was very entertaining. Overall the trip was amazing”. Nicole Lewis, Year 9

“The tour of Wembley was fantastic – best part of the trip.  The Lion King performance was thrilling – I thoroughly enjoyed it!  Jamie Cooke, Year 11

“Wow!  The trip was awesome”.  Rhianne Grice, Year 7

“It was an amazing experience – worth every penny”.  Umarah Waheed, Year 9

“Spectacular!”   Ismail Aslam, Year 8

“All was amazing!” Adam Dilger, Year 7

“The Lion King was absolutely outstanding.”  Alicia Hawkins, Year 12

“The highlight of my two days was The Lion King.”  Chanel John, Year 9

“The tour of Wembley was fascinating”.  Nasser Rehan, Year 9

“I enjoyed The Lion King as it was really amazing and fun to watch”.  Darnell Clarke, Year 10

“I enjoyed the Wembley tour the most”.  Connor Swingle, Year 10

“The trip was cool. The tour of Wembley was awesome”.  Corey Benbow, Year 11

“My favourite part of the trip was going into Central London (Covent Garden) and seeing people perform on different instruments”.  Amber Bailey, Year 8

“The Harry Potter Studios literally brought the magic to life”.  Dylan Stringer, Year 12