Our Students Play a Blinder!

Our Paralympic football experience is a blinding success!

On Tuesday 4th December, PE teacher Gemma Mills took 20 of our students to Wolverhampton University.

Our Academy was fortunate to receive an invitation from Jack Stent to take part in a blind football event. Jack is a student at Wolverhampton University and was inspired by the success of the GB team at the London 2012 Paralympics.

Jack arranged for a West Bromwich Albion FC coach, Emily Adams, to lead our students through a series of drills to give them the experience of playing football whilst being visually impaired. This was easier said than done, considering they had to wear a blindfold and rely on their ears to hear the bell inside the ball! Some students found it tricky to simply walk whilst wearing a blind fold, so introducing a ball seemed ambitious. After some progressive drills, help from the university students and clever tips from Emily, they soon got the hang of it.

The afternoon was well organised and all students thoroughly enjoyed themselves. To experience an activity most people take for granted, with the added difficulty of not being able to see the ball, is a valuable opportunity that all students agree has enabled them to understand how inspirational our Paralympic team are. We need to get ourselves a ball and some blindfolds to satisfy the numerous students who have requested to do it in PE!