Student Parliament & African Teachers

Student Parliament Members Meet with African Teachers at Willenhall E-ACT Academy 

Last Thursday (21.03.13) afternoon, Head Students Ryan and Natalie and Year 9 House Captain Andrew with Mr Cartwright and Mr Aldred visited Willenhall E-ACT Academy to meet Zambian and Tanzanian educators with students from other local E-ACT academies to discuss differences in teaching in their respective countries and in the UK. They had the chance to have lunch with the visitors and to put forward some questions about life in African schools.

The visitors made note of the extreme difficulties they face in providing an education in their home countries. For example in Zambia, teachers have to work with students from 20 different tribes who speak more than 120 different languages, highlighting the difficulty in providing a seamless and engaging education for all. One of the African teachers remarked at how many teachers have to teach 80 – 95 students in one class, teaching a whole host of different subjects throughout the day.

When asked what they think students in the UK could learn from their students, the guests emphasised how important it is for British children to realise how privileged they are to have the free and brilliant education that they receive, with all the extra support they get from their teachers, while African students have to pay for such privileges.

The meeting was a great success, with WWEA hoping to plan our own international programs in the future.