Breakfast Club

West Walsall E-ACT Academy Breakfast Club

Why don’t you come and join us in the ARC Monday to Friday from 7.45am until 8.25am and get yourself a free breakfast?

Here are a few comments received from students and staff that attend our breakfast club:

‘I like coming here and meeting my friends for breakfast. I come every day because I am hungry and it is really good, there is a healthy choice of breakfast’, Mohammed

‘Breakfast club is fun and you can go calm down and get ready for the day’, Connor

‘I think that breakfast club is a good place to start the day because breakfast boosts your brain energy for school and it makes me get to school earlier’, Paul

‘I think that breakfast club helps me as I can get to school earlier and get breakfast for free’, David

‘I think breakfast club is good because I can get to school earlier. It is a nice atmosphere’, Scott

‘I like breakfast club because you get a pick of food and we watch breakfast TV together. I also like how the staff treat me. I give breakfast club ***** out of 5 stars’, Katie

‘I think breakfast club is good because some people don’t have a chance to have breakfast before they come to school. You also get to have hot chocolate and cereals and toast for free!’, Quinn

‘Breakfast club is fun. Everyone is kind as well’, Molly

‘I think Breakfast club is fun, we get great food and just chill with our mates and use the computers’, Daniel

‘I think breakfast club is good because if you don’t have breakfast at home you can come into school early and get breakfast here…for free!’, Anon

‘Breakfast club is a good place to come in the morning, it gives students an opportunity to eat breakfast and have a drink. Breakfast club is helpful, Beth

‘Breakfast club is a fantastic opportunity for pupils and staff to mix and socialise. The atmosphere is brilliant and pupils really enjoy themselves. The staff who organise it do a great job and it is obvious that pupils appreciate it’, Miss Morgan

‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it gives you energy throughout the day’, Uwais

‘I think breakfast club is very good for students as it is the most important meal of the day, it is very popular and students in all year groups including sixth form attend’, Mohammad

‘A wonderfully warm atmosphere greets you. Fabulous food, service and company. Don’t miss out!’,  Mrs Fox

‘A great welcome every day. The atmosphere is good and it’s nice to be ‘informal’ with our students. Yummy breakfast as well!’, Miss Seabourne-James

‘Breakfast club is very welcoming to pupils who arrive to school early and the staff are ready to serve a variety of drinks and a selection of food, they are helpful and not only do they welcome pupils but they also give prizes. The club is run well and there is always someone there’, Anna

‘Breakfast club is welcoming to pupils and those cool staff are great!’, Demi

“Well what can I say about breakfast club. As you walk through the door the smell of toast and hot drinks is so welcoming, it also saves me time in the morning. It should have happened a long time ago’, Mrs Constable