Our Diwali Experience

‘In year 7 our topic is festivals and we studied Diwali. Miss Warby said it would be more interesting if we did the things ourselves rather than writing about them, so first we watched the story of Rama and Sita because this is what Hindus remember during Diwali. It teaches them that good will always beat evil’.  Sana

‘We watched a documentary next and found out some of the things Hindus do to celebrate. They go to buy strings of flowers, these are called garlands and the flowers they use are jasmine. We made our own version with paper chains, they took a long time but I really enjoyed it’.  Charlie & Hadieeqa

‘Another thing Hindus will do is use coloured sand to decorate their doorways with welcome signs that look like lotus flowers. We looked at an example and made our own using coloured paper, then we stuck it all together and I wrote happy Diwali on it’.  Maizbaan & Tom

‘After that they will probably visit the temple. I knew all about the puja and arti that is used and told the rest of the class about it. We didn’t act this bit out but we saw how Hindus would pray and learned that they go to the temple as a family’.  Kanate

‘Often neighbours will take food round to each other’s houses because Diwali is all about sharing. We used a food template to draw some of our favourite foods that we would like everybody to share. This is something we haven’t learned about in any other festival’.  Bilall

‘Another thing Hindus will do is wear their new and very best clothes. The saris are all so colourful I spent ages making mine look really pretty. This is similar to Eid-ul-Fitr where I get new clothes when I celebrate the end of Ramadan with my family’.  Sufyan

‘Hindus might have sparklers or go to see a firework display, Miss Warby showed us the fireworks that were in London on New Year’s Eve and we found out that the streets of India would be all lit up just like they are at Christmastime in England.’  Kimberleigh

‘At the end I took lots of pictures so that we could remember all of the things we did, I really enjoyed using the camera and making memories of what we have done. I even took a silly photo of myself and some group pictures of us all working hard’.  Hassan

‘I have learned a lot about Diwali that I didn’t know and it was fun doing things in a different way. We got to watch videos, use the creative equipment and the camera. The most important thing I have learned from doing this is that everybody has special days and we all do lots of similar things to remember important stories’.  Iqrah