Strike A Pose!

Birmingham City University (BIAD) Photography & Fashion Collaboration

On 17th April 2013, two WWEA Post-16 students were approached by Nicola Taggart, a visual arts undergraduate at the Birmingham Institute for Art and Design (BIAD), for a unique photo shoot opportunity.

Sakina and Rabina snapped up the chance for this modelling experience to promote their future ambitions. Sakina dreams of becoming a distinguished fashion designer, whilst Rabina is working towards securing a place on an undergraduate Health & Beauty Course in 2014.

Nicola, who is now completing her second year, found the girls to be extremely professional in their work ethic, and praised them for their creative ideas for the shoot. This collective effort resulted in some very effective photos that have allowed Nicola to complete her project.

As an expression of gratitude, she returned the favour by offering to shoot the photos for Sakina’s recent Fashion Show, which was held, in front of a packed audience, in the academy theatre the following week.

Contact details have been exchanged and the three have embarked on their journey of building valuable connections for the future.