WiKiD Science

Since September 2012, Year 7 have had the opportunity to experience science in a new and innovative way as a result of introducing a scheme of work called WiKiD.

Being a thematic scheme it applies science to real life roles and scenarios such as forensics, cooking and medicine. We have an enthusiastic and engaged Year 7 who have performed really well on the assessments we have given them. This mirrors the science zone’s continued commitment to enjoyment and excellence at West Walsall EACT Academy.

Student quotes:

  • ‘This year Science has been really fun, I didn’t expect to learn as much as I have. I really liked learning about the Science of pancakes!’
  • ‘I have found Science very interesting as there have been loads of practicals and fun lessons. We have learnt loads about enjoyable subjects, subjects that I thought would be very boring’
  • ‘Yr 7 Science has been life changing. As I have performed a variety of practicals I have become more confident in interacting with the class and the teacher’
  • ‘I think that Science this year has been awesome!’
  • ‘Science is really good fun and my favourite lesson. I can learn whilst having fun and there is no reason not to participate!’
  • ‘I think that this year in Science has been amazing. I have learnt a lot during the lessons and they are always enjoyable’