WWEA Leaders ‘Serve’ at the Walsall Primary Tennis Competition


Leaders: Ziarab, Nasser, Jack, Connor, Emmanuel, George, Chloe, Chanel, Rachel, Mpumie, Hayley and Kathy.


The excellent reputation of our leaders at WWEA means that we frequently get asked to assist at primary competitions. Clayton Edge from Walsall Tennis Club came to our Academy last week to train a group of year 9 leaders how to umpire short tennis. The aim was to prepare the leaders for the year 3 and 4 competition on Thursday 16th May 2013 that took place at Walsall Tennis Club. They were the only leaders on the day and represented our school remarkably.

The leaders had a court each that they were responsible for setting up. They umpired games of short tennis all afternoon and encouraged the primary children throughout. Our local primary school Birchills took part and had a great time. A teacher from Bentley West Primary School, who I’ve never met before, came to tell me at the end how impressed she was with our students. She was surprised at how encouraging, fair and helpful they were, especially Ziarab!

Saul Wallis, the event organiser was keen to tell the leaders that he too had received compliments from primary staff who were also impressed. Saul told the leaders that they were a credit to their Academy. The leaders finished off the day by awarding the certificates and medals. Thank you for all your hard work leaders!