Year 11 Study Skills Session

Students in year 11 recently took part in a revision and well being session that was organised and delivered by Mrs Kudhail and Mrs Juss. The students had a chance to look at their own personal revision techniques and styles and were able to tailor a plan that would suit their needs and enable them to maximise their exam success!

All students took home a revision goody bag which contained highlighters, cue cards, post it notes, a revision tips card and a stress ball! It was clear that all learners thoroughly enjoyed the session, including the staff who got involved too! Good Luck to all of our students who are undertaking exams!

Here are some feedback comments from the day:

  • ‘Great to have fun and learning at the same time!’
  • ‘A really really useful session’
  • ‘It was good and has helped me to rethink how I revise’
  • ‘It was very helpful and gave us different ways of revising’
  • ‘I learnt to not just revise every single day but to carry on with my normal routines as well’

It was surprising to discover that so many students we not aware of  what type of learner they were, so this session was really valuable for them. I overhead many discussions between the groups that were really positive and it gave them opportunity to share their revision techniques that suit their learning style. The tips shared will come in useful and I’ve no doubt the afternoon has brought it home to students what a significant stage of school life they are currently in. The goody bag is a fab idea and just shows how much effort was put in to benefit the students, which I’m sure they are all very grateful for.  High 5, pat on the back girls!‘ – Miss Mills

The session itself was really good. The pace was impressive and the students seemed to get a lot from it. Wish you’d been around when I was revising…..!‘ – Mrs Yates

I thought the session was informative and gained the attention of the students. I also have an upcoming exam and I found it useful as well‘ – Mrs Clarke