Year 7 Rounders vs Aldridge School

On Wednesday June 5th we went to Aldridge to play rounders.  We were all very nervous. I have never played a rounders match against any other school in secondary school.

“What if we didn’t win?” “What if we embarrass our school?”

But even if we did lose, we would still play our hearts out and enjoy the moment.  We would be proud of West Walsall, the best school ever.

When we got to Aldridge we had to pick a captain. This wasn’t very difficult.  We picked Amy for having good coordination. To decide who would bat first Amy had to choose which hand the coin was in.  We didn’t get it right so had to bat first.

We hit! We ran! We touched! And we scored!

I was a deep fielder and my other team mates spread around. Lots of girls from Aldridge hit the ball backwards so had to wait at first.  After the first innings they had 2 rounders and we had 5 so we were already winning.

On the second innings it was my turn. Throw, whack, run and make it to second post. Next player. WHACK! Second post. We got to have another turn.  I was the last one this time. They threw it and… I hit it! I hit it but it landed behind, so I had to wait at first. As I began to run the backstop caught to ball so I was out and that was that!

We all gathered around the teacher, clipboard in her hand and pencil, scribbling away. We all said that we had lost! Leah said, “don’t say that, you never know” and Veronica said “I’ve got my fingers crossed”.

We waited and listened carefully. I think this was the quietist I have ever seen the team. “So overall you have done very well” said the teacher. “but the winners are… West Walsall with 11 rounders”.

“Whoooooooooooooh” we all cried out with joy and happiness.

West Walsall students are born with talents, that’s why in school we bring them to life.

Well done to Leah, Amy, Rhianne, Hodo, Nimra, Veronica and me! Hopefully we can do it again in our next match!

Report by Maaria, Year 7