Amazing Alice!

The production of Alice in Wonderland played to a full house in the Academy theatre between Thursday 11th to Saturday 13th July.

A cast of 45 students took part covering every aspect of theatre production; including backstage, lighting and the live music. It was an ensemble piece with all the actors and singers on stage all of the time. A very vibrant production was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

‘I really enjoyed myself, and I sang in public for the very first time. It was great fun!‘ – Hayley

The play was great and I got to be the White Rabbit” – Tom

It was a great sense of fun’ – Rebecca

‘I will never forget the experience of being Alice!’ – Amber

‘I loved to do the play because it was mad like me. I would do it again’ – Katie

I came on Friday night and was astounded by how hard every one worked to produce such a show. I am very aware as to how much extra support was given for lights, props & music. Well done!‘ – Mrs Caberwal

‘It was a joy to be in the audience. Phenomenal energy from the performers.  An all-round ‘feel good’ production and a credit to all who contributed’ – Mrs Kelsall