Year 8 at Birmingham Uni

Fourteen Year 8 students for West Walsall E-ACT academy attended a lecture at the University of Birmingham.  This was a great opportunity of our students to be inspired and get a taste of the ‘student life’, to browse around the superb And inspiring campus.

Hadiqa said, ‘Seeing the campus has truly inspired me to go to university. We only saw the scientific aspect, so I would like to explore the other subjects that the university has to offer‘.

Callum added, ‘Yes, it has inspired me to go to University,  it was not what I was expecting. It is actually much better than I thought‘.

We attended a lecture that was about the everyday science that goes on in our Kitchen. The students learnt about the science of their taste buds: they saw a bubble levitate and they saw water turn into ice instantaneously at the bang of a hammer.

Zuhaa said, ‘It was really fun and amazing. We got to see some really interesting science experiments. The campus was huge, especially the clock tower.  I really would like to go again‘.

The students were excellently behaved throughout the whole trip and represented the school fantastically well. Well done year eight!

Mr. Kerr (Teacher of Science)