£18,000 University Scholarships

Our Post-16 centre is now partnered with The University of Ulster (which has branches in Birmingham and London) and specialise in business and accounting courses.

We now have a full scholarship and this has been awarded to us! The partnership means that our students will get free advice; open day invitations and the opportunities to study with possibly a partial scholarship.

This is very exciting for our Post-16 students and we are really looking forward to working alongside the university.

A representative from the university, Yasmin Rani, will be at our parents evening and can talk to parents in more depth and give more information.

‘I’m delighted to inform you we are awarding West Walsall E-ACT Academy with a full scholarship worth £18,000 from the University of Ulster London & Birmingham.

During our previous visits, we have noticed the strong focus on academic achievement and progression this is why we have also chosen West Walsall E-ACT as a school we would like to work with and make a member of The Ulster Link.

The students at West Walsall E-ACT are focused and driven and I strongly believe they will greatly benefit from the fantastic opportunities we have here at the University of Ulster in Birmingham.

We would like to work with your students more closely and assist them in making informed choices about what is available to them after they have finished school.’ Yasmin Rani, Ulster University