WWEA 100% Attendees Rewards

Lucky WWEA 100% Attendees rewarded for their commitment

Nico (Wyndlow), Kashif (Hadley), Dilkabeer (Carnegie) and Malika (Anson) were the lucky recipients of £50 Sports Direct vouchers, in recognition of their 100% attendance to the Academy in the Summer term.

Their names were randomly chosen in the end of year assembly, ahead of other students with 100% attendance in their respective houses. They are now going to ‘shop till they drop’ (well for an hour at least…).

The decision to award the fortunate students £50 Sports Direct vouchers was made by our Academy Student Parliament after being discussed and voted on. The parliament reps from each house will be changing this year, so your views will be needed soon as to what prize will be awarded for 100% attendance at the end of this school year.

A massive ‘well done’ but ‘unlucky’ to the pupils who also achieved 100% attendance last year, keep your attendance standards high and your chance may well come!