Summer School 2013 and a trip to ‘The Sea of Monsters’

After having studied the Greek Myth of Medusa and the Gorgons with Mrs Williams, by drawing up a story board and creating some fabulous masks from paper plates, egg boxes and string, the academy Summer School pupils consolidated their learning of Greek Mythology by taking a trip to the Showcase Cinema Walsall to watch the very latest Percy Jackson film,  ‘Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters’ , directed by the German-born Thor Freudenthal.

Pupils thoroughly enjoyed the movie which featured Percy battling with a rampaging mechanical bull after the huge tree that protected the Woodland Camp Half-Blood was poisoned. To repair defences Percy leads another mission, along with Athena’s daughter Annabeth and Grover to rescue the Golden Fleece from the Sea of Monsters (the Bermuda Triangle).  Abrar especially enjoyed the cinema trip ‘because…it followed on from the story we learnt about Medusa and Perseus.’ However, Josh enjoyed the trip for a different reason: he was thrilled that he was ‘allowed to sit by [his] new friends.’

All in all, the pupils, who were up to their elbows in popcorn, had fun on the outing, whilst learning at the same time. Many pupils were sad that this event drew to a close a very action packed Summer School 2013.

By Ms. A. Taggart