Summer School 2013 – Up, Up and Away at RAF Cosford!

Not even the torrential down pore that met us on arrival at ‘RAF Cosford Air Museum’ on 31 July, could dampen the spirits of the enthusiastic pupils. Planes of every shape and size were exhibited, and some even had viewing platforms where you could look into the cockpits. Cosford had a spectacular display of Cold War aircraft and pupils learned a great deal about the conflict between East and West. They also learned about the Cuban Missile Crisis and were well informed on J F Kennedy’s role in it. Both staff and pupils alike were fascinated by the amount of hands on displays and activities which allowed the pupils to gain a basic understanding of flight and Hamza was thrilled to find out ‘How aeroplanes worked.’

Jordan thought ‘Cosford was brilliant, especially the 4D cinema’ where pupils were housed in a flight simulator in pursuit of the ‘Red Barron’ in a not so weather tight, bumpy aircraft. The staff at Cosford were extremely helpful and contributed to the smooth running of the day.

Many pupils couldn’t wait to spend their spare change on the ‘pick and mix’ in the shop, whilst others bought model aircraft and frizz bees.

As with all good things, the day came to an end and pupils were tired but happy on the journey back.

By Ms. A. Taggart