Bostin Blue Remembered Hills!

Performance completed by BTEC L3 Performing Arts group – March 2014.

It is with an unrivalled sense of pride that I am writing this article on the BTEC L3 Performing Arts two day production of the Dennis Potter play, Blue Remembered Hills. It has been the culmination of four months of production and rehearsals, and I feel that the timing of its performance couldn’t have been better. Each of the six performers, Alicia, Bethany, Jorden, Laura, Lorna and Victoria, threw themselves fully into the play, leading to a performance that was not only slick, pacey and professional in quality, but each actor played a very credible and believable young child character. As well as playing characters a lot younger than themselves with complete commitment, it needs to be acknowledged that half of the female cast were also playing boys – again with complete credibility! Although I was obviously involved with the direction of the play from the off, I was able to enjoy the performance with the rest of the audience, whose reactions to every moment of the play were a joy to watch. There were moments of laughter, admiration, condemnation and finally building to a very poignant and tragic ending – each emotion being dictated by the superbly controlled cast members.

In the last ten years, there have been few performances in which I have been involved, where I have felt such unwavering pride, and where the artistic journey has been as long and challenging, but so fully realised by a student cast – and for that I am grateful to them. For the majority of cast members this is the penultimate performance that they will complete as part of the BTEC course – in the Summer Term they will be producing a Variety performance, full of comedy, music and drama. Blue Remembered Hills will be a difficult performance to top, and judging from conversations that I had with audience members, will be remembered by all who were fortunate to see it, for a long time to come.

By Mr. N. Pritchard