Walsall Festival 2014

On Saturday 17th May 2014 the local Musical Youth Project Development (MYPD) performed 4 songs with Skakabala Community Group at The Fountain in Walsall Town centre. This multicultural event was organised by Walsall Council’s Glen Buglass ,Creative Development Team Manager, hosted by Ambur Radio Station, and was a promotion for the main Walsall Festival & Carnival the following week.

The songs reflect multicultural diversity and unity. Rise Up spoke against bullying and how we as a community can overcome it together. No More War Madness is an anti-violence dance anthem highlighting the tragedies of children soldiers and how glorified violence within action movies, music and computer games can negatively affect our attitudes actions and behaviour and is destroying our communities.  No More War was inspired by Ishmael Beah the renowned author and speaker who became a child soldier at 13 years old. Jump is pure and simple fun and dance. Walsall Festival was a celebration of all that coming together achieves.

The songs were written by Mr Fraser and sang by West Walsall E-ACT Academy’s Alicia and Menoly, who were presented with certificates of achievement and music CDs. Their proud parents and friends were there along with Mrs Fraser and other pupils from West Walsall E-ACT Academy cheering along with the performance and everyone had a great fun day.

One of my proudest moments was when student Shamus and friends joined in with the rap of our unity in our community song. These songs empower young and old alike to win every challenge life brings with faith love unity and hope from school to work or whatever situation we find ourselves in.