MFL Murder Mystery Day

MFL Murder Mystery Day – 21st January 2015

at Lingua Hillcrest, Hillcrest School, Birmingham

Today, we went to Hillcrest School to solve a murder mystery. We became French investigators for the day. We were in separate groups, we also had different roles such as; forensic scientist, superintendent, crime officer and detectives. We had to examine the evidence, answer questions in French and write as well.

It was really fun because I could show the French teachers how well I can speak French! We used the skills that we learn in school; like how to recognise what the people were saying and I recognised a lot of words. I feel very proud of myself and am lucky that I got to go on this trip.

By Maira S

“An amazing time and a pleasure to be there. Great day!“ (Arbaz H.)

“Enjoyed it! It was an educational yet fun trip to go on” (Safiya J.)

“Fantastic Forensic French” (Fazan Z.)

“I had a lot of fun working in a team to find out who the murderer was. My group solved the mystery first which made me proud.” (Zulnon K.)