Frozen fun for year 7 students

A group of 40 year 7 students had a wonderful time at Silver Blades Ice Rink in Cannock recently. The majority of students had never been on ice before, which was clear from the countless horizontal bodies in the first 10 minutes. Progress was clearly evident by the end with almost everyone able to stay on their feet, although some needed the help of the trusty little penguins and extremely helpful Silver Blades staff. Read below to discover how much fun falling over and being cold can be! We are looking forward to our next ‘trip for a treat’ to our local cinema.


‘I enjoyed the part when going on the ice with the penguin. I thought it was amazing.’ Farah M

‘It was funny seeing little girls ice skate better than me.’ Nate W

‘What I liked about the trip was that even though I wasn’t able to properly skate I still had fun although I broke my bottom.’ Uways S

 ‘What I liked about ice skating was that I had lots of fun trying to do something that I hadn’t done before with others just like me in year 7.’ Aliyah A

‘It was so fun! Everyone was slipping and sliding! I enjoyed it very much.’ Ikra A

‘The thing that I enjoyed about the ice skating trip was when people were falling on the ice.’ Suraya B

 ‘I really enjoyed going to ice skating. It was fun. There was a food machine. LOL!’ Zaybah T

‘It was fun because it was the first time I had been and when I was skating I fell over about 3 or 4 times. I did get scared when I first went on the ice.’ Zarisha Z

 ‘It was an amazing experience but I almost died!’ Fizzah K

‘I enjoyed when I went all around the ice and when I was buying stuff there and when I fell I didn’t like that.’ Tanzila

‘I enjoyed ice skating and had fun there.’ Haleema A

 ‘I enjoyed trying something new!’ Rhiannon P

‘I enjoyed it because it was the first time skating and I learned something new.’ Gurmanpreet K

‘I liked the ice skating trip because it was my first experience. It was fun and I was determined to succeed.’  Juwariah A

‘I like the ice skating trip because I love ice-skating and it was fun.’ Maheen A

‘I enjoyed going ice skating because I tried something new and it was really good and excited.’ Faiza I

‘It was great. I enjoyed learning how to skate.’ Mahira B

‘I like that I kept falling over and skidding everywhere.’ Morgan R