MFL Primary Day with Alumwell Juniors

On Tuesday 9th June, 90 year 5 pupils came to the academy from Alumwell Juniors for a day of MFL. Miss Dubois, Mr Watt and Miss Daniels along with some wonderfully helpful year 9 volunteers ran sessions on Mexican traditions, British Sign Language and French-speaking countries. We made some ‘ojo de Dios’ (eye of God) to ward away evil spirits, learnt about where in the world people speak French (it isn’t just France!) and performed our own conversations all in sign language. Everyone had a great day and our student helpers were fantastic. Here are some quotes from the day:

“Today was very good and I learnt a lot about Mexico. I also felt very good helping the kids with their eyes of God.” Badhar (Year 9)
“It was a good experience helping out and I would do this again” Maaria (Year 9)
“I have enjoyed my day because we learnt a lot of things about foreign languages and I want to come back another time” Emily (Year 5)
“This was the most fun school day EVER!” Imaan (Year 5)
“Today was so fun. I wish we could do it again. My favourite part was making the eye of God” Maya (Year 5)