Miss Steele at the ASA Nationals


Last weekend (23rd – 24th October 2015) Miss Steele competing in The ASA National Masters and Senior Age Group Championships at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre in Sheffield.
The meet is an annual event with more than 1,000 swimmers aged 18+ competing for national glory in their respective age groups (5 year age bands, she competes at 30-34 years), pushing themselves to break English, British and World records across all four strokes.
The three day event is like no other, with a perfect mix of competition and camaraderie creating a fun and exciting atmosphere in which everyone comes together to swim their best and break records.
The events she competed in were: the women’s 4x50m medley and  freestyle relay (120-159years), 4x100m medley (120-159 years) and freestyle (160-199 years) relays, 4x200m freestyle relay (120-159 years) and mixed 4x100m freestyle relay (100-119 years), individual events were 50, 100 and 200m breaststroke and 100 and 200m individual medley.

Her results were:

  • Gold women’s 4×100 medley relay (breaststroke leg)
  • Silver women’s 4x50m medley relay (breaststroke leg) and mixed 4×100 freestyle relay
  • Bronze women’s 4×100 and 4x200m freestyle relays.

We are very proud of Miss Steele’s achievements in this and the many other swimming events which she has competed in. We look forward to seeing her medals.