Visit to central library and Grand Central Station

On the 20th of January 2016, a group of students had the opportunity to go and visit the Birmingham Art Gallery and the New Grand Central Station. We students took the train with Mrs. Juss and arrived in Birmingham where we spent the day together and had a lot of fun and exciting experiences. The Art Gallery was hosting a exhibition which detailed the journey which Bengali women had to endure all the way to England and the hardships they had to faced when migrating. This was both inspiring and interesting. There were also other pieces of art which included the history of Birmingham throughout the years and many more!

Moreover, we were trusted a lot in terms of freedom, as we were allowed to roam around the area which included locations like the bull ring, which had an endless amount of stores. We still had meeting points and contact details of each others if we ever needed to use them.

One student who attended the trip said, ‘the trip was totally amazing! We have to have many more like this because its so cool and refreshing!’

The overall experience was fantastic because there was a lot to do and we got a chance to bond with one another, which in my opinion is important for us to be successful in 6th form and in the outside job world.