Basketball House Wars!

Hello, this is Sam Smith again. In my capacity as Anson House’s Digital Champion I going to share with you the details of this week’s House Wars! Here are the basketball themed general rules of play: Each team has a basketball hoop. The first person from each house team approaches their allotted basketball hoop to prepare. When the timer starts, each team will attempt to shoot their basketball into the hoop as many times as they can in a minute. Once the minute is up the next team member has a go. Continue reading →

Badminton House Wars!

Hi, I’m Year 11 student Sam Smith and as Anson House’s Digital Champion I want to share with you the details of this week’s House Wars! Known as ‘Run Around’ or ‘Run Around the Court’, here are the badminton themed House Wars general rules of play: Two houses/teams form a line on either side of the court. One person serves and then has to run around to the other side and join the back of the line. The person who it got served to them has Continue reading →