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Subject statement

The academy believes in the concept of excellence for all and provides an English curriculum which offers all learners with the opportunity to develop their own unique talents and realise their full potential. As a department we endeavour to teach and support students with a range of skills needed to be successful in their daily lives and their chosen futures; encompassing the skills of communication through both written and spoken language.

Our aims are:

  • To develop students’ speaking and listening skills through the use of language in a wide variety of situations and contexts
  • To develop students’ reading skills and encourage an awareness of the value of text (both literary and non-literary) and its influence on the individual, giving them enjoyment of a wide range of texts and other stimulus materials and therefore access to the whole curriculum
  • To develop students’ writing skills and give them the opportunity to write for different purposes and audiences
  • To prepare our students for the challenges of external examinations: GCSE English, English Literature and A Level English Literature

Meet the staff

  • Mr R Singh Director of Literacy
  • Miss H Bryant Head of English KS3
  • Miss A Afzal Teacher of English
  • Mr A Elsmore Teacher of English
  • Mrs A Finney Teacher of English
  • Miss J Miller Teacher of English
  • Mrs J patel Teacher of English / Whole Academy Literacy Coordinator
  • Mrs S Seaborne-James Teacher of English

Subject overview

At the end of a students’ English education at the academy, each student should be able to:

  • perform with confidence basic literacy skills needed for life
  • perform the English skills needed in his/her chosen career
  • confidently reason clearly and communicate logically a rational argument or opinion
  • approach problems and tasks; choosing appropriate techniques for their solution and clearly explain how and why they have reached that conclusion
  • follow logical instructions and to read with meaning experience satisfaction in and enjoyment of their English achievements
  • achieve the best possible results at Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 & Key Stage 5

Key Stage offered

Key Stage Offered Additional Information
KS3   Additional information below
KS4   Additional information below
KS5   All students follow the AQA English Literature specification B course.
The units studied are:
Unit 1: Aspects of Narrative
Unit 2: Dramatic genres
Unit 3: Elements of Gothic
Unit 4: Further & Independent reading- coursework

Additional resources

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Last Updated: April 2016