About the STEM club

The stem club meets every Monday 15:30 to 16:30 in room A14.

The aim is to promote an interest and enthusiasm in science and engineering through exciting, inspiring, and open ended projects not possible in the classroom.

As well as the obvious technical skills like coding, 3d design and Physics that they will acquire, we feel participants will also develop some ‘softer’ transferable skills like teamwork and organisational skills.

The club’s main focus currently is constructing a robot to compete in a national competition. There will also be a project geared towards delivering environmentally friendly solutions to engineering problems called go4set. This will launch in November and wil involve the participation of a local company.

The robotics project will run the over a few years, with an aim of competing in at least 3 regional competitions in the first year. The robotics kit is from vex robotics and funding has been supplied by the national grid.

A basic robot is built from the kit shown below.


The completed robot should look like the image below.


This is then adapted into something competitive. This years competition involves projecting foam stars and cubes over a fence to score points on designated areas. The team have two minutes to complete the task. For the first 15 seconds the robot must operate autonomously. After this period an operator controls it via a joypad.

Foam stars and cubes


Foam stars and cubes being thrown over a fence


Something competitive


The field of play


One Day


Finally the STEM club in action


I like the club because it has a really nice atmosphere and I’m learning a lot about robotics