Design Technology

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Subject information

  • Head of department: Mr A Seadon

Subject statement

The Design Technology department wants students to experience real world situations and explore why products are designed and made. We live in a modern and complex society, and it’s our job to give some of the knowledge and experience you will need when you enter it as an adult.

Meet the staff

  • Mr A Seadon Head of Design Technology
  • Mrs J Fraser Teacher of Design Technology – Food
  • Mr J Hulme Teacher of Design Technology
  • Mrs M Stanley Teacher of Design Technology
  • Mrs S Homer Design Technology Technician

Subject overview

In years 7, 8 and 9 students complete a carousel of each Technology discipline. They will be taught about woods, metals, plastics, paper based materials and cooking and nutrition. They will be taught the principles of design and how modern designers and manufacturers use this to produce products that we all use today. Practical activities are completed in each subject and are integral to a well-rounded design and technology education. Students will be assessed on different aspects of the Design Technology curriculum throughout the year and these form the basis of Progress Reports, so parents and students can monitor their attainment.

Key Stage offered

Key Stage Offered Additional Information
KS4   Edexcel Graphic Products, Edexcel Resistant Materials, OCR Food Technology
KS5   Edexcel Product Design

Last Updated: December 2014