Design Technology

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Mission Statement

Technology is taught to all students at Key Stage 3 in rotation. Engineering, Graphics, Food, Resistant Materials and Textiles are option subjects at Key Stage 4. Students at Key Stage 3 have the opportunity to work in rotations in Food, Textiles, Resistant Materials, Electronics and Graphics. At Key Stage 5 students can opt to study Product Design at AS and A-level. Students have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of tools, equipment, processes, materials and components.

Within the Technology subject area we seek to:

  • develop students’ awareness of and interest in the everyday products they use and take for granted, encouraging them to look, analyse and understand why and how these products are designed and made and how they are made fit for purpose
  • develop fine motor skills, an essential skill in everyday tasks as well as many careers
  • develop, explore and express their creativity through designing and making original, exciting products
  • create a positive and productive learning environment where students feel safe to explore new ideas, take risks and learn through experimentation across a variety of technology disciplines
  • provide opportunities for students to work collaboratively and independently
  • provide opportunities for students to research, discuss and analyse the work of designers and understand that different forms of design and technology have different purposes and audiences
  • expand students’ ability to effectively use technology equipment, tools, processes, materials and components to create quality products which function well
  • teach and establish health and safety rules which students understand and follow
  • develop students’ ability to evaluate their progress throughout and at the end of their work in order to make improvements and celebrate successes


Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 students may study the following subjects:
Textiles Technology – AQA GCSE
Food Technology – OCR GCSE
Graphics – Edexcel GCSE
Resistant Materials – Edexcel GCSE
Engineering – BTEC

Key Stage 5

At Key Stage 5 students may study the following subjects:
Graphic Products AS/A Level – Edexcel
Product Design AS/A Level – AQA

Learning Resources

Appropriate materials, ingredients and components are available within each area of technology. These include:

  • Textiles: Fabrics, threads, specialist paints, needles, sewing machines, Bondaweb, buttons, zips, beads, fabric scissors and transfer crayons.
  • Resistant Materials: Wood, MDF, metals, plastics, saws, drills, screws, fittings, electronics equipment and materials.
  • Graphics: Drawings boards/tables, drawing equipment, rendering software, card, acetate and various paints/materials for achieving colour and surface design on packaging.
  • Engineering: Manufacturing equipment including drills, hand and machine saws, lathes, hand tools, sanders and materials for making as for resistant materials.
  • Food Technology: Ovens, microwaves, cooking and preparation utensils and various basic food ingredients (students bring their ingredients according to what they choose to cook).

Meet the Staff

Mrs S Begum – Teacher of Design Technology
Mr J. Hulme – Teacher of Design Technology

Last updated: April 2016