Dear Students and Parents,

Every student matters to us and we see it as our aim to foster the abilities of them all to achieve their personal best. Underpinning this are our three values: Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge.
As we re-launch our Sixth Form, we will be offering an academic curriculum; the information attached will outline the subjects we’ll be offering in 2017-2018.
Furthermore, we believe that it is important to develop the ‘whole student’ so we expect all Post 16 students to make a positive contribution to academy life, whether this be through mentoring younger students, acting as ambassadors at events or taking part in fund-raising activities. All of these enrichment experiences focus on supporting our students to develop their leadership skills, their confidence and their sense of community responsibility.

Post 16 students enjoy a range of extra-curricular activities. All of our post 16 students are Academy Ambassadors and are assigned to three separate teams. Discipline, Goodness and Knowledge teams work alongside students within the academy to support them and raise confidence. We are a growth mind-set Academy which has meant all of our students realise they have the potential to achieve whatever they put their mind to and use this approach when studying and thinking about their futures.

We are proud of the academic progress of our students and their achievements are many and varied. We received our best ever Year 13 results last year and 95% of our students moved on to pursue their studies at University. In doing so they are provided with a comprehensive support package through their personal tutor to ensure that they make the choices most appropriate for them. They are also given the opportunity to visit universities to sample the courses on offer. Our UCAS process begins in year 12, so students have time to research and visit HE providers. Parental engagement is also vital at this stage in the student’s life so we encourage parents to come along to the Academy when talks are being delivered on student finance and other aspects of the students next steps.

If you are a new parent or student to the Academy you are most welcome to see us at work. Please come to our open evening or make contact and visit us at another time convenient to you. We would be pleased to give you a guided tour.
You will find all details regarding course and opportunities within our Prospectus.
Please contact myself if you have any further questions.
Good Luck and Best wishes,

Mrs Kiran Juss
Director of Post 16
01922720741 ext 123

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