Year 11 Prom

Last Thursday was West Walsall E-ACT Academy’s Year 11 Prom and what a spectacular event it was!

We could start with the cars…or the surprise entertainment…but, as is mandatory, we will start with the extravagant and elegant fashion!

The gentlemen looked particularly dashing in their evening suits, shiny shoes and erm…sunglasses. The ladies resplendent in evening gowns of all shapes, shades and sizes. Everyone looked fantastic and really did such a significant event – full justice! Shamraiz in his tails and white gloves was only upstaged by Gemma and her two white horses.

At any Prom worth its name, one thing is for certain, its all about the entrance.

From Mercedes to Rolls-Royces, Bentleys to Carriages – West Walsalls Year 11’s of 2014 let know-one down! Of course there are always those who need to ‘kick the door off the hinges’ with their entrance and Wyndlows very own Ellesha, certainly did that, rolling up in a silver Ferrari…fashionably late of course…

West Walsall’s very own Miss Cranston transcended from attendance spreadsheets to silky-smooth, soulful singer as all present enjoyed their meals and chatted before the DJ kicked off a night of dancing and fun.

As the night wore on a few tears were shed as the reality of leaving compulsory education and some dear friends dawned on a few, but I’d like to think they were also a mixture of pride in collective achievement – culminating in such a wonderful evening.

You only have one prom.

Mr S Sprague