Additional Learning Needs

The academy provides a broad and balanced curriculum for students of all abilities. Each child is encouraged to reach their potential and we recognise that some children may require extra support.  There is a range of support on offer to match individual children’s needs whether they are emotional, physical or intellectual.  Students with additional needs experience a range of support strategies including reading withdrawal, small group work and in-class support, as well as direct intervention from specialists in speech and language, behaviour support and dyslexia.

Provision is made for those students with learning difficulties or additional needs by the Student Support Team. This occasionally may take the form of withdrawal from some lessons for additional help in literacy and numeracy. At other times specialist staff support teachers in the classroom or provide materials to supplement the teacher’s work. Where special needs of a registered disability are identified, every effort is made to make individual provision for students within the resources available. Wheelchair access is currently only available on the ground floor.