Student Support

The academy aims to provide a healthy, safe and mutually respectful environment in which students participate, are challenged, happy, and have their individual needs met.

Each student is in a House – Anson, Carnegie, Hadley or Wyndlow – and remains in the same House for their entire academy career.  The House structure gives students a strong sense of belonging and encourages teamwork between students of all ages within a caring and supportive atmosphere.  Students represent their House in many ways including the Student Parliament, charitable fund raising activities and sports events.  Many of these events are inter-House and this encourages a healthy competitive spirit.

Attached to each House is a team of tutors. Students meet their tutor at the start of their academy education and their tutor remains with them from Year 7 to Year 11 where possible, providing continuity for tutors, students and parents alike.

Each student is placed in a mixed age tutor group of approximately 25 students. The tutor’s role is to get to know students well, to support and encourage students, agree academic and attendance targets and ensure high standards of behaviour and uniform.  Tutors also ensure that students and parents are fully aware of action that is taken or needs to be taken to enable each student to learn and achieve more successfully.  During the week structured activities take place in registration periods including aspects of the personal, health, social and citizenship education (PHSCE) programme, world news day, assemblies and homework monitoring and planner checks.

We encourage parents and students to see the form tutor as the first point of contact and many parents use the student planner as a quick way of raising an issue, as tutors see their tutor group every day.

We believe everyone should be treated with respect.  All students are expected to take responsibility for their own behaviour and are helped to take a responsible approach to life.  High standards of work and behaviour are expected at all times.  We have a positive approach to behaviour that uses praise and rewards and encourages students to support their peers.

The academy does not tolerate bullying, harassment, rudeness or bad language and parents are always informed of these negative forms of behaviour and the impact of this behaviour on their learning or the learning of others.